Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Thursday 12th March 2015
Friends' Meeting House, Lancaster
(Near Railway Station)
All are welcome!

New website on its way soon!

Keep watching this blog for the latest update.

Within the next few weeks the Lancaster and Morecambe Rail Users' Group will be launching their new website.

It is hoped that this will raise awareness of developments in the provision of rail services, including timetables, rolling stock, fares and the like which may affect you, whether they be improvements or have detrimental effects.

It will also provide useful links to other related websites, contacts and galleries.

We hope you will find it of interest.

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Information Screens at Morecambe and Bare Lane
Two years ago we persuaded Northern Trains to install an Information Screen in the waiting room at Morecambe. It is now up and running, but with frequent difficulties as the internet connection does not always seem to be reliable.
Bare Lane signal box has closed, and Network Rail has provided new information displays at Bare Lane, to show which trains are due and importantly, which platform to use.

North West Electrification
Electrification is going ahead from Manchester to Liverpool, then via Bolton to Preston.
What does this all mean for Lancaster, Morecambe and district?
At the timetable change on 8th December, TransPennine increased the frequency of Manchester – Scotland trains to run hourly through Lancaster. However, most were diverted to run via Wigan North Western (not Chorley and Bolton). As new 4-car electric trains become available the present 3-car diesels are progressively being replaced, which should ease overcrowding.
Meanwhile, from December the Barrow and Windermere lines have seen slightly fewer through trains to or from Manchester; with more services terminating or commencing at Lancaster and Oxenholme.
we may lose our through trains between Barrow or Windermere and Manchester Air-
port. The next few years could see big changes in the calling pattern of services.